Care backdating updating vista 32 to vista 64

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Thank you for submitting your enrollment or revalidation application.

Assessment timescales vary enormously depending on where you live in the country and this is having a very real impact on vulnerable older people and their families who are forced to deal with the uncertainty of funding arrangements, pressure from care homes to pay bills and disagreements between the CCGs and Local Authorities over who should pick up funding in the meantime, at what is already an emotionally exhausting stage of their life.

Backdating may apply: You may be asked to provide proof of your income, savings and rent (if you pay rent) for the backdated period. Good cause is a reason that prevented you from not applying earlier.

The following list shows examples of what is meant by good cause: These examples are only a guide to help you. If you forget to claim, or did not know you could claim, this would not be a good reason on its own.

To qualify for backdating, you must be able to prove you had good cause for the period you are claiming.

If your request has been successful you will be informed by letter.

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