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Sure, I could manage to write a check here or there, or volunteer every once and awhile, but every day? It never occurred to me that even the littlest things could really make a difference.

I think about the Cup of Joe, how just a few minutes and few dollars could mean something to someone halfway around the world.

It didn't take long before our observations reverted to what people were wearing.

Annie taught me a lot about fashion, specifically the art of wearing boots over your jeans.

He'd probably like to see me some evenings in a capacity other than hunched over the laptop. This is a practice I plan to continue as long as I can, albeit in a more private manner from here on out.

My mindset, prior to starting this journey, was that giving was really only for people who had a lot of time, or money, or both.

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Now back to our public surveillance, our attention turned to one girl in particular who, as I was taught, was a horrible example of the boot to jean fashion.

I started with the hope that I could get back into the writing groove again, and spread some kindness along the way. I have a new found respect for people who publish something every day. I do feel as if I've gotten over that hump of being so scared to post something that's not perfectly polished that I chose not to write at all.

If y'all wanted perfection, I imagine you'd spend your time reading something a bit more lofty.

I'm like "Kelsi, you have to open your eyes in order to play! He felt pretty important, after all it is a huge responsibility!

This blonde beauty is Charlie, she was being so cute with my nephew Brolan!

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