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His Mom immediately got uncomfortable and said, “Let’s just say she’s a girl of ill repute,” clearly knowing it was offensive, but unsure on how to correct him without getting all preachy.My 12-year-old son then joined the conversation and said, “Well, Joey called Laura a slut because she dated him and two other guys this past year.” Then my 9-year-old daughter piped in, “Mom, what’s a slut?One night during dinner my friend and I asked her 14-year-old son to tell us something interesting about school.He said there’s a girl in his class that everyone says is a slut.

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My son’s friend who his buddy called a slut never exchanged more than a dry kiss with any of the three boys she dated in a year. ) Girls will often join in with their male cohorts in calling girls sluts as insults. Maybe because it gives them an excuse not to put out. So what do we do when our children express discomfort, judgment, or even disgust when a girl they know is very liberal with her affection? Second, it can make them think twice about their own choices and motivation. Because the answer, whether they admit it or not, is No. Remember: No subject is taboo, and anonymity is accepted.

Maybe to bond with others by insulting a third party.

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