Ramiele dating

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Her other talents besides singing are playing the piano and the guitar and she can also dance. Her fans call themselves "Ramiele's Shortcakes."Her American Idol audition number was 74854.

Can Speak Filipino Has A Mini Australian Shepard When she was a baby she had an afro and would bite people Ramiele currently lives with her mother, father, and sister in Florida.

Dish Rag: Youve both mentioned that you think a guy is going to win this season. Randy: I think the boys are stronger and more interesting than the girls this year. Ramiele is looked a lot more confident this week and I think she is improving a lot.

She definitely has the voice I have a feeling if she picks the right more upbeat song she can stay in the competition a bit longer.

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Christina, being another ten year old also mentions the small boob, but does say her palate liked it. After Idol, he signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records, and his self-titled debut album was released on April 13, 2010.Castro auditioned for American Idol in Dallas, Texas, singing the Ray La Montagne version of the song "Crazy".Also I think she could almost pass as a Filipino from Hawaii. She once again avoided the bottom three which were the all girls rocker Amanda Overmyer, perennial bottom 3 girl Kristy Lee Cook and in a huge surprise Irish girl Carly Smithson.We will provide information and links to keep all you Ramiele Malubay fans up to date as we cheer Ramiele on her way to becoming the next American Idol, Please watch and vote often. It just depends what comes out DR: So what are your picks, your favorites? Kristy was once again saved and Amanda was sent home and out of the top 10 tour group.

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