Rowupdating old values null

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I'm not sending the province parameter to the gridview's updateparameters's my code, someone please help..

rowupdating old values null-43

rowupdating old values null-42

rowupdating old values null-56

I have already blogged one post related to the same concept without AJAX implementation.

New Row(); dr["product_id"] = 3; dr["product_name"] = "Key Board"; dt.

New Row(); dr["product_id"] = 4; dr["product_name"] = "LCD"; dt.

In the Rowupdating event, I try to retrieve one of the Bound Fields (i.e. Grid View Update Event Args) Dim gv Row As Grid View Row Dim temp, temp1 As String gv Row = grd Log.

4th column of the Gridview control) for comparision purpose. On the other hand, I'm able to retrieve the dropdownbox value in the Template Field.

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