Updating bathtubs shower stalls

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Here is what the shower looked like BEFORE: Remember when I stenciled the shower door here and removed the door to the bathroom since it covered the shower door. We initially planned to just replace the door, but after talking to a real estate agent…we went a little further with the makeover.So I headed to the the new Floor & Decor that recently opened in the Philadelphia area to find discounted tile that would make the shower feel like a spa.It’s not like swapping out a dead dishwasher or a cracked toilet or even an ugly, old sink.Most tubs and showers are more or less “built-in” fixtures, and taking them out results in a series of collateral work, such as replacing tile and other finishes, making plumbing connections (which are often hard to reach), dealing with sizing issues and considering additional changes that might make sense while you’re tearing everything up anyway.I know it seems crazy to add something like this to a home since we won’t get to enjoy it, but it will help the house sell quicker and for a better price.

Our innovative process allows our experts to update your shower in as little as one day.

If that seems high, you’re probably ready to hear the long answer (provided by the rest of this article), which explains why there’s usually more to the project than you might expect.

The problem with pricing a tub or shower project is that replacing a tub or shower is almost never just replacing a tub or shower.

The wet bed and plumbing involved were more than I felt comfortable doing myself.

on September 15, 2010, which include the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design “2010 Standards” or “Standards”.

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