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MTV announced today the pick-up of a fourth season of Rob Dyrdek's hit series'"Ridiculousness" with 22 all-new episodes and also greenlit the sixth and final season of "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," with ten all-new episodes.In celebration of the new greenlights, the entire cast of "Fantasy Factory" reunites for the season three finale of "Ridiculousness" airing Thursday, September 19 at p.m.Under each arm he has an enormous soft toy – a red dragon and a Wile E Coyote. But a time-honoured clause in any circus contract states that even the biggest stars must also ‘make themselves generally useful’.Chipperfield’s time in the spotlight comes when the ring is transformed into an iron cage and he cavorts with animals that may look as cuddly as the ones he touts as raffle prizes but that are a lot more dangerous.Although no word from the production that this was done on purpose, there are many subtle clues and double-entendre references in this movie that would imply that Zachary really is Superman. See more » In this day and age it is nice to have an hour or so of escapism. Brandon and Kimberley's acting was believable. So there might have been a few inconsistencies,it's only a film and it is what it is.Thomas Chipperfield walks around the big top in the interval of the evening show at Peter Jolly’s Circus. It’s a bizarre sight, akin to finding Kevin Spacey selling ice creams at the Old Vic.

The results are then fact checked and confirmed by a team of editors.Season four will be the most ridiculous season ever with guest appearances by some of the biggest names in the industry and all-new hilarious and over-the-top video categories.As "Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory" returns to MTV for a sixth and final season, fans can rejoice as the whole crew returns to the 25,000 square-foot warehouse turned funhouse known as the Fantasy Factory. Support us now on Thunderclap for a chance to win a Early Access Version of Blade of Unagi. We will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign soon.

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