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Okay, there's this girl that I've been sort of 'crushing on' or in love with, since last August.

We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while, but then later she says she's not ready for a relationship yet (she wasn't talking specifically about a relationship with me, just any sort of relationship).

The added value of a five-door 411/412 estate car (alongside or instead of the three-door version) would have meant a tremendous enrichment to Volkswagen’s model range at the early 1970s.

She has superhuman strength and agility, allowing her to leap several stories, as well as an enhanced sense of smell.

The VW 411 five-door Variant project was given a special design code number: EA 240 (EA = Entwicklungsauftrag or Design Assignment).

This was also offered in the UK as the Audi 80 Estate and in the USA and Canada as the VW Dasher Wagon and as the Audi Fox Wagon.

This is another great product from the Charisma Arts guys.

Wayne Elise and Spencer Michaels ( of Dating ) are my two favorite pickup artists.

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